ISU Student Campaign

Why should student groups LIVE UNITED?

Iowa State University students understand learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. By using your creative and energetic skills as caring students, your group can plan a fundraising activity that will significantly impact our neighbors and friends.

How can student groups LIVE UNITED?

  1. Consider the types of fundraisers your group is already running. Could your gift make more of an impact locally through United Way of Story County? Many individuals (faculty, staff and, of course, students) receive needed assistance through programs supported by United Way of Story County. You can be a part of that answer.
  2. Is your group looking for a way to build teamwork skills and more camaraderie? You can start a new fundraising activity to benefit United Way of Story County while accomplishing those things! See below for more information on starting a new project.
    1. Be organized and start early!
    2. Work with the Student Activities Center to get appropriate approvals for your fundraiser.
      1. Activities and Events Procedures
      2. Event Authorization Committee
    3. Clearly communicate the plan with your fellow group members and stick to it.
    4. Report progress and ask questions to United Way of Story County staff member Kristin Pates at
    5. Once your activity is completed, schedule a drop-off at United Way of Story County through Kristin at
  3. Participate in a department activity as a group. Give back together!

What activities can student groups do to LIVE UNITED?

Here is a small sampling of activities that can be implemented by student groups. However, don’t let this hold you back – the sky is the limit!

  • Hold a can drive then redeem them for your donation
  • Organize a used book sale – get others to donate used novels or even children’s books to sell at a reduced rate
  • Hold a bake sale and take it “on the road” across campus for the best turnout
  • Create a penny drive between floors or houses
  • Host a spaghetti dinner and charge others to come
  • Arrange a candy-gram service
  • Hold an art sale (or whatever talent your group has!)
  • Organize a garage sale of items your group members no longer need but others would want

Donate to United Way

Donating to the United Way can be done either through a payroll deduction or by using a credit card.

Need more info? Find out more about payroll deduction donations here.